[x] Stardust_s on r1ctf hallway

First, they killed me trying to sneak up on them in tunnels north of the water around our (blue base). I thought this was mildly suspicious because I hadnt made noise in half a minute and was sneaking up on them). When I respawned I went looking for them and killed them in the exact same spot. I took the intel, joked with them about bringing it back to them and then followed tunnels to the entire other end of the map to make a similar water crossing myself. Their tent was at the back edge of their island with scattered walls along the edge giving me cover. I made the crossing safely at a sprint and was happy to see all the kills in the queue were being made by greens, so no one would be respawning in their base. Then, I see the text ‘stardust_s’ has changed teams’. I see this when I’m pretty close to their island (close enough I consider myself ‘safe’ behind the walls and only a few seconds from the health tent. When I’m literally about 3 seconds away and planning my jump up, I get headshotted by Stardust_s. Of course they find this hilarious.

TL;DR, Stardust_s switched to my team to mine on r1ctf and switched back when I was a few meters from returning the intel to kill me. 2 instances of behavior with the earmarks of aimbotting.

its a nice story but when was this…

and who else was on that can back your story…

and what team were you on? (blue?)…

best of luck…

these are just my questions…

i have no power over these but i was unclear on these facts

Well, due the fact that he might have seen your position while on your team, he could have known where u were when u were going to cap the intel. Not to mention tunnels are widely used on hallway and star could have known the location of that tunnel.

After reading the posts, I knew what was going on.

This is Hallway so you would have to capture intel at the opposing team’s base. stardust_s was on the same team (Green) as that guy until he switched teams so he knew where the poster was exactly. It’s pretty much what Apocalypse said.

I grew tired of stardust_s because of the behavior he did in the past. I will spy on this person to see if he is really hacking.

This person is really annoying.



Proof is required such as video, screenshots or something along those lines.