[x] SpiderSoup Sucks

A jerk was teamkilling and i votekicked him, 40 min later (or so) he tried to votekick me, but it failed, i votekicked him agian for votekick abuse, his ftriend votekicked me and it worked!
I am currently banned! from aloha.pk pinpoint 24/7 >:(

Teamkilling. Was he killing griefers? Or was he baiting people. I voted no.

He definitely doesn’t deserve to be permabanned, if banned at all. Next time he makes a stupid votekick, hopefully someone will cancel it and togglevotekick. However, this doesn’t deserve a permaban in the slightest.

If our the guy that I played with like yesterday, you were griefing right in front of me with grenades! You kept denying it too and you kept griefing. I also grief checked you too and you griefed around 50 blocks! You also kept trying to kick me with really dumb reasons just because I was kicking you. Hmmmm.


Proof is required for a ban. Screenshots, video, etc.