[x] Spamming votekicks with false and pathetic reasons on me.

Hey Colorprint, Rekki. Tonight i am reporting three votekick abusers and one bully (which is also one of the spammers).

IGN- Jamesd. HOOOOLY CRAP that guy pissed me off so bad if i ever meet him in real life there no telling what i will do to him. I pray to God i wont beat him half to death. He is the bully. James spammed so many votekicks on me i couldn’t leave for over 30 minutes!!! He also spammed a gay porn site. and its not only him. He was also spamming messeges to me saying “fuck you”. Kid much?

IGN- Arcaneknight. Oh gosh as soon as james’ votekick times out he starts another one agaisnt me and viceversa. One More.

IGN- Chubby. well thank God he didn’t spam any me, he spammed on jamesd with reasons that had Gay actions in them.

Server- Aloha.pk Top 10 Maps.

Time- Around 12:08 PM to 12:49 PM Atlantic Standard time(Canada)

Well guys After more than half an hour of not being able to leave the server cause of those votekicks, i got a 13:58 video showing the spamming.

*Note- one of the reasons was votekick spammer, i only votekicked once and that was against jamesd. And others was that i started and i quote “a votekick war” , james did by getting someone banned for greifing ON A ARENA SERVER, and he admitted it.

Now finally here is some video proof.


Sorry for not getting to this for a long time but it seems the offence is too old to do a ban. Maybe if I see them, I’ll give them a warning.