[x] SomeDude

Date: June 30th, 2014
Time: 4:22 PM EDT
Server: Pinpoint
Offender: SomeDude
Offences: NR/ESP/No spread

A couple of us talked about this in chat. There’s only the 2 kills in the beginning, and not enough to make an accurate determination on.

I think you identified yourself too early when you told him he was being spec’d.

Yeah you might not want to tell him that you know he hacks and that you’ve been recording him. That usually gets them to turn their hacks off, which turns out to be a bit of a problem.

If this helps…here are some times to look at.


I’m not the only admin that saw the slight discrepancies that suggest he could have had esp. I didn’t see anything that was yelling nr and as for ns you must be joking if your trying to prove it with pubovl on a smg. I personally think tipping him off can taint the evidence. I picked out about 3 things that would get me interested and make me investigate further yesterday. I’ll look at the times you’ve given tomorrow but frankly I am occupied by another project for aloha right now and that’s my top priority.

Aww ok. Maybe I’ll catch him again without revealing myself accidentally.I forgot specs could speak now…