[x] Some hallway hackers

Yesterday about 1pm Gmt. Hackers names are emi, Pepula, Yasin, shooter/boom, Commander and xspoky
Note- emi and commander left during their votekicks. Im not sure how long votekicks last over here but if their names are still on the banlist it would be because of that. I remember banning Shooter/boom multiple times on Stormwind server…so he might as well be a banevader here. Evidence:


shooter/boom is an evader…

Range ban that noob

Monsta wern’t we playing with xspoky yesturday? Grrrr. Since imm sick ill be nice and not stick my pitchfork in his ass for today.


Banned:Emi, Pepula, Yasin, Commander banned. Shooter/boom + xSpoky = ban evaders Thanks.