[x] solder AKA cuckthundercock or whatever his name

So, we have a reoccurring griefer and he has been banned but he is evading bans possibly with VPN- he claims VPN. I think he’s from Russia but I don’t know, I haven’t snooped the IP packets yet. Can you all do something about this?



I’m sorry but pixel art isn’t forbidden. and Chadthundercock was trying to enter the game while solder was already on. furthermore I remember seeing solder around in babel server for afew weeks if not months, I would not expect him to break the rules.

This ain’t pixel art. Please do not try to minimize racist behavior and expression. The developers of the AoS server had even talked about adding a swastika detector to help admin ban people. So you tell me if that’s “just pixel art” or not. ChadThundercocks behavior is exactly the same as solder’s. Same racist language in chat, same swastikas and because he is BANNED this means he is evading a bad, which becomes more serious.

Please do not defend racism. Ok? This is why this game is dying. :frowning:

This report is open for other staff members to pick up. I leave it here

Ok, thanks! I mean, I have the moral obligation to share this and have it sorted out. You know?

i would be worried about the return of socialism in Latin America instead of a simple swastika in a pixel game

although i had togglebuilt some players by building swastikas and that shit, i consider this as a personal moderation. I mean, if im in-game and someone is building it in the tower (even close to the team) then it’s probably i’ll warn him/her, but if there’s nobody ingame and/or the player is building shit far from the team, i would not consider it as a BIG issue as you’re telling us.

Please do not defend racism. Ok? This is why this game is dying.

the fact the game is dying can’t be corresponded directly to staff since you can have the better moderation of the world, but if your game doesn’t have users, it won’t do any good and your game will die. So don’t be fallacious with this declaration. The same swastika’s builder can be playing Fortnite right now and building the same shit and that doesn’t mean the game is dying.

since i’m not an admin and that means i actually can’t do anything (so this is a simply commentary) i think we should stop this here. It’s not our fault and it’s not your fault that a player doesnt’ have moral and builds shit, but since he’s not making any brain damage, there’s not a reason to continue this report.


Fortnight would ban the player forever if he was habitually making swastikas. I would expect Fortnight to ban him forever for it. Still, we should not be enablers of racists. I believe that griefer is Ben Cousins and you can search the IP and Forum for him and see for yourself. He was on tonight griefing. He wasn’t using a VPN at all. As it turns out, he just uses proxy servers until he finds one that hasn’t been blacklisted. I got a screenshot if you want to see it.

So here is me using my regular name and I guess what I said made him so angry that he came on using MY name to grief and act racist… which, I wonder if that's why Goldorak won't talk to me anymore? I told him the griefer was in the server and he just ignored me so I wonder. I had to change my name in the game. Ugh.

if it was Ben Cousins, he would be banned by evasion (and surely racism but that’s another history)
I insist, i would mute, /tb and/or ban a player if he grieffs, says bullshit and builds swastikas and that weird shit, but i don’t think it’s not s serious as to record, make an abuse report and ask for a ban. you can come to discord or just simply /votekick him, that’s fine.

This player was banned but not because of this report.
There also no indication that this player is ben cousins or chadthundercock, I don’t know where you got that idea.
This solder is an impersonator, please dont freak out at the real solder.

I looked at both of their ip and they are about 2,100 miles apart from each other.

This report consider closed.



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