[x] sniperspro0000

Server:  Blockpower

Date and Time: June 22, 2014; 9:20 PM (GMT+8:00)

Abuse Used: Aimbot, esp, no spread

What Happened: When he entered the server I started to wonder why he can detect me even if i try to attack him from his blindspots (despite not having any detection power like divination) and he can hit me headshot with shotgun despite him being at least 20-25 blocks away from me. During those times his shotgun accuracy reached as high at least 85% despite staying in mid-range combat. Then his shotgun accuracy started to drop(idk why) and he switched his weapon to smg and started to hit me even when i try to hide behind 1 block thick walls or tunnels he can shoot me down even though he didn't see or detect me with any power. His smg accuracy soon reached over 100% and he hits me wherever i try to hide. I tried /admin command. His pings averaged at around 200-250 while mine was close at 250-300.

Evidence: I only had screenshots for his accuracy because i dont have any recording software.

Sorry for bad english and More power to aloha!


Banned by another admin. Thanks.