[x] [Sniper]-Cat

#29 [Sniper]-Cat
Server: babel
Date/Time: 9/20/15 2:15 a.m. UTC-4
Hack: Aimbot, ESP


While it is certainly indicating esp and nr it is not something that shows enough to ban on, do you by any chance have more? Other wise hes on my radar if i see him ill spectate him.

Why is indicating ESP not enough? How can you tell if NR is being used?

Anyway, here:


This one’s more about the player killed at the bottom of the red tower. If it’s still not enough, I don’t have anything more unfortunately. I’ll have to be more careful with my recordings in the future.

He is banned. Thanks for reporting.



Its admin preference about that constitutes as enough evidence (video wise) to ban. i definitely see video a showing esp and possibly nr (rifle had no recoil), but there are a ton of variables that I may be not aware of so thats why I didn’t feel comfortable banning off of it. I hope that answers your question.

I agree with Scipio, it looks like Esp (first video), but Esp can be tricky, there are so many things to take into consideration, he could have been following the tracers on the minimap, or maybe a team mate revealed his location, etc. a little bit more was needed, and that second video showing him snapping everywhere was enough.

I agreed with both Scipio and Nope. I would not issue an ban on the first video. But the second is the key, he snapped right and left.