[x] *sigh*

I don’t really have proof of this but I just need to vent.

Swish and some other guy were making fun of me because my sister is disabled on the Babel server. It was a full server at the time so I’m sure other members saw it. It really depresses me to think that I can never be treated with dignity because of the genetic diseases my family members may have, and how this has followed me throughout my life and made me afraid of speaking my mind when people mock those with disabilities.

Thanx for the report. I’ve taken care of them.

Let this also be a lesson for you, though. Never feed trolls.

This is the internet, expect stuff like this to happen. On the flip side, this is the internet; you can remain anonymous, sharing as little about you as you want. Sorry this happened to you.

I know it’s easy to say this but you shouldn’t care about what people from the internet (or IRL) says. :slight_smile:

Sorry, that was pretty low.

This Swish guy is actually pretty rude. And on one occasion, he cursed at drebbel. After knowing he (drebbel) is an admin, he became cool and friendly to him. Sorry about what happened to your sis. Some people here are just plain horrible