[x] satan and [x] Judy ToJeJoKroll Griefing

Time: 9:35 AM EST
Date: 25/05/2013 or 05/25/2013
Server: Pinpoint
Offenders: satan and JudyToJeJoKroll
Offences: Blocking and Griefing
Information: These people were griefing and blocking. Satan had been griefing, but I never caught him until then. Judy was a bit dumber, and started to block in front of me. Then he proceded to grief a small tower that someone had built.


Judy and Satan

To give an idea of what was left after they attacked what was built…


Satan banned for 1 week. Couldn’t find Judy’s IP anywhere so I’m going t guess it was a nameglitch or something of that sort.