[x] Rhodochode abuse report

•11AM Arizona Time to 11:30AM Arizona time
•Rhodochrose #29
•Reason: Unfair play "Unfair play
Griefing, repeated teamkilling, votekick abuse, etc."
I was griefed, teamkilled twice, and votekicked.
•I built the How to be annoying ( to the enemy team) wall, and everyone was breaking it, so I made a staircase to go over it, and everyone was happy, but Rhodochode who used grenades to grief so I couldn't kill him.




In the future please use first links to spectate him, like you put the camera on his head and see what he is doing.


Sececond link is record what is he doing.



Err, that’s not a hack tool, that’s just the Open Spades console.

He never said it was a hack tool. But using those links can help you catch hackers and find them easier!

It takes him half a second to destroy my wall, it takes me like a minute or two to switch to spec and find him. What does that tool do, by the way?
EDIT: needs admin password, lost my admin password and too lazy to put all my stuff on an external hardrive and factory reset my pc

I would actually not recoment using pubvl for griefers, coz thats not what pubvl is for, if you can get visual proof of some sort besides chat box then we may be able to see what exacly happened. This report has no effect besides alerting admins to a possible griefer, which means its not totally useless.