[x] ReNeGaDoBr

Starts to Aimbot part of the way into the video. Possible ESP and definite No Spread. Everytime he hits someone every single one of his bullets hits the person, there is no times when only a couple of his bullets hits. Also, there is never any times when some of his bullets hit the victim’s head and some hit the victim’s body or limb, they all hit the same part of the body.

Not much good evidence at beginning. In the pause between 3:10 and 3:20 he seems to be turning on his aimbot. After that pause, about half the times the gun was shot it wouldn’t make a sound. So really pay attention the analyzing so you can tell when he fires. Pay attention to 4:20- 5:00, and pay the most attention to 6:00 to 7:30. That minute and a half has him snapping, finding all the remaining greens most likely using ESP, and having every single bullet hit the enemy.

Here’s when I reported him in #aloha(He had been using MB with his rifle, but I didn’t get any filmage of that):

[09:20] !check arenacs 22
[09:20] <@Danko> #22 / ReNeGaDoBR / 244 / Blue / 32 / Score: 12 / K: 6 / D: 2.0 / R: 3 / Str: 4 / ★Str: 285% / RIF.Acc: None / SMG.Acc: 50% / SHT.Acc: less than a second / arenacs - http://west.aloha.pk:41886 / aos://1379434439:41887
[09:20] Mb
[09:20] !highlight
[09:20] <@Danko> Help: aem CapRex Chase_UC Danko HackBot haux izzy- LemonyLight Q Spring D Korakoff_ MonkyBot Silnius tobi9sc-

Use pubovl if you can.

I just downloaded it today. And haven’t I said in my last few reports that I couldn’t download it?

Banned, Thank you for reporting.

Thanks for banning him!