[x] Regular Player Hacking

This Is an extremely regular player.
It is very sad to report him as i knew him for a fair while.
He continued to get 156points on this single game of cs.
He got voted about 30 times and was finally votekicked.
He did something to the votekick and it said Not enough players to kick.
There was way over enough players.
[PRO] Bubble was his name.
I will be extremely sad if you do not ban him.
There was tones of witnesses
like [EAS] Nicky [EAS] Swifty-vey and zouk

Hacker.docx (65.5 KB)

I don’t think a ratio pic is enough evidence. However i think that this guy might be a ban-evader. Wait for an admin to reply.

Yea, the [PRO]Bubble guy has a ban on him. Ill pull the logs and see if its the same guy if it is, color or someone can give him the ban hammer. Also Hoxton.Plz rings a bell about something.

Edit: When was the image taken?

Are you sure? I’ve played with Bubble several times (although it was a few months ago) and he was absolutely legit player. So he turned to dark side and he hacked?

Well it was taken last night Australian standard time.
And yes bubble has gone to the hack side of the game D; im sad 2