[x] Racism/ 9/11 jokes.

My gandfather died in 9/11 after raising me for 13 years of my life. A player named (Pardon my language) “Dickbutt” was making jokes on the aloha.pk tower of babel server. And after I asked him kindly to apologize he refused and continued making fun of me and my religious beliefs. Thank you for your time

hey, i am sorry for your loss

he can’t be banned but if you see him again and he is doing the same thing, use /admin right away

or you can go to the IRC http://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=%23aloha and ask nicely for an admin to check on him

aloha does not condone that kind of behavior, best of luck

Thank you

Darien, I feel sorry for your loss, but if I may make a suggestion: don’t feed the trolls. Usually in cases like this there’s no drama unless you make it drama, in which case you only make it worse by going on about it.

I looked it up in the logs and didn’t find any racist or insulting remarks against you or any religion.

In fact the only thing he said was:

2013-05-01 15:41:06-0700 [-] FUCK YO TOWER 2013-05-01 15:41:18-0700 [-] I JUST LEVELED THAT BITCH LIKE THE TWIN TOWERS ON 9/11

I understand you got painful memories about that day, but next day, just count till ten and enjoy your game, that works best.

Just ignore him and keep on playing

Sadly, we can’t ban for this behaviour. We do have a policy of non-interference unless it’s causing serious problems and chat trolls usually do only cause as much damage as you allow them to. Next time don’t say anything to them at all. Just keep going like a rolling stone dude.

Sorry for your loss though, 9/11 was a shitty deal and I know what it’s like to have your deceased relatives mocked by assholes.

I also am sorry for your loss. At least we got Osama, right?

Just don’t do what trolls want you to. They want reaction. The more you argue, the more they say fucktarded shits. Just ignore them and act like that they aren’t there. They will eventually go on and try to find some other person to harass.