[x] Possible hacker on Hallway @ 14:51 EST

Date: 24-2-2013 OR 2-24-2013
Time: 14:54 EST (-5 GMT)
Offender: Kratos
Server: aloha.pk Hallway RLCTF
Offence: Possible hacks (ESP, possible others)
Proof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCx5HVKL61o

Description: Someone complained that #9 and #25 on hallway were hacking. The video above is about player #9 (Kratos) who seemed to be hacking.

Video 1

Video 2

after watching the video he says he has wall hacks at 5:58

i’m to lazy to edit but here you go


Can an admin please look @ this?

It’s only been 3 days, be patient.

i did, and that is why Monstarules came on and helped me.

and for the record i know they hack, there is no question.

I took a look at all the videos. There was some suspicious stuff from Kratos. I’ll look again in the morning. Thanks for posting this.

@Froe: Thanks
@Seal: Yeah, I said he possibly did.

so everyone is going to ignore the part of [FOX]Darklight saying he has wall hacks?

I noticed that too.

While the video looks pretty suspicious, it’s a little difficult to ban on that. Also to note that a few people with the name “Kratos” have been banned since they post was made.