[x] paocadepudim Hacks

Hi guys I was recently playing aloha.pk block power really fun :D. Then I was playing with a couple of people who started to accuse someone of hacking/ESP/Aimbot I said “Hey don’t blame him I’ll look into it if he hacks okay?” They said “Okay thanks ace :)” He started ruining a great game he keeps killling everyone. I have proof he hacks. Can you shoot 1 bullet and kill two people with it? can you revive your last bullet and make it kill someone else? Thats what he did sorry I could not screen shot I had some bugs with https://imgur.com thanks P.S. I don’ get why you would not ban a hacker Thufman that got over sevearl chances.

Banned by Thufman ingame.

K thanks :smiley: