[x] Ohh| AyeNova on spec it showed as Ohh: AyeNova

esp I also caught him spading a guy behind a wall but F****** bandicam stopped recording so your going to have to take a gentleman’s word on that one [i know you can’t use to ban]

[details=Click for details]http://youtu.be/S1BeGLxpzzI

[details=Click for details]http://youtu.be/Mhx1TEd4sPQ


No ban

Translation: Please stalk this guy Ohh| AyeNova because I say him using ESP and spading a guy behind a wall! STALK HIM WITH ALL YOU GOT! :3

Wrong translation lol must have used google translate

Those snaps are pretty convincing…

But… but… I thought you said Bandicam stopped working! D:
But glad you got them anyways :slight_smile:

stopped right before he spaded the guy through a wall