[x] Nickshot11 Aimbot/ESP On CSMP

Suspected Player: Nickshot11

Server: Arena Counter-Strike Maps

Time: Approximately 3:00-3:35pm GMT -5 Eastern Standard Time 01-20-2013

Problem: Player had been using an Aimbot as well as an ESP, yet refused to admit to it. Many vote-kicks were attempted yet none surpassed(except for a final one where the player disconnected). I do not feel as if this player only deserves a 30 minutes ban, which may have already expired during this time. Please review the videos below for some substantial evidence.
Note~ Only during spectator mode did i have an ESP enabled, i tried the ovl with an esp built in, but the graphics were a bit strange and blocked the view at times, so it’s a regular ESP.

Le Videos(Viewed best if watched in HD720p):

thanx for reporting. He’s banned now.