[x] Need a bit of help


I am not sure how to install pubovl (specifically where i put it), but I wish to have the ability to use it, as there have been a couple times I have known someone was hacking, but votekick feeds were being spammed or i couldn’t rally enough support to kick them. I also hate making votekicks because someone seems to be hacking, when i really am not 100% sure that they aren’t just BAMFs.

Thanks for your assistance!

I think this shouldn’t be going in this section, but here’s the link to the post :slight_smile: HEREHOAUSHDSAI:O

I already checked the link. Unless I am blind, there are no instructions as to where I actually place the file. I understand how to get it, just not where i put it, and a few minutes ago I ran into someone who I could have used it on

I asked the admins kindly to sticky this link if anyone can or if there’s some changes that i need to do please tell me, if you can so it can be a useful link to the community, but here you go if you have any questions pm me or if you catch me on the irc ask away http://aloha.pk/index.php?topic=3920.0
Or alternatively you can get the aloha selector and run it once and select the pubovl dll first then enter client.exe in the process it will inject it for you automatically.

You can place pubovl.dll anywhere, you just have to locate it when injecting