[x] (nading in restricted area on babel)

So I was playing babel around midnight and came across a teammate who was nading our tower in the restricted zone. Could’ve swore you could only nade once in the area of the other teams tower, or passed the platform on the other side for forum’s sake. But here we have Crankerhanker #19 nading away as he pleases on his own teams side.

thanks guys,


-I deleted the video link to prevent people from further abusing the glitch. Thanks for the report, he was taken care of. -Froelich131

That’s right, i went there and i saw him multiple times throwing granades not only with green team, he joined blue and did the same. This is weird because there’s a protetion for that.

Could it be a trusted player abusing his powers?

From what I can dig up he’s not a Trusted abusing his rights just seems to be some pain in the ass. Now as a far as a hack goes the block damage and stuff is controlled server side so I don’t think you could hack that, However I am aware there is a glitch on Babel that allows you destroy blocks using nades. I’m no sure exactly how you do it but it might explain what’s going on.

he’s banned now. thanks.

This isn’t a hack. Just like Juxta said, it is a glitch that you can abuse. Few people (including myself) know that glitch, but don’t use it because you can easily get banned for glitch abusing.

izzy banned him. izzy. Shit just got real for that guy if he appeals.


we’ve had a discussion in the admin section about the glitch so we know about it already. if you catch anyone else doing it don’t hesitate to inform us but try and keep it toned down so it doesn’t spread.

Different glitch than that.

I’ve know of one way personally to do something similar but not like this, not this easily. I’ll take down the youtube video too preventing it from getting out more.

god i’ve been gone for a long time.

I’m guessing it’s a flaw in the gamemode’s coding. The only question now to ask yourself is: How the hell are they doing it?