[x] 'msat' [x] 'Maroto' hacks on babel

‘msat’ and ‘Maroto’ hack on babel…

February 18, 2013

9:30 pm ish pacific time

‘Maroto’ was a little more subtle but ‘msat’ was blatant about it

i also thought ‘luis’ but couldn’t get any video on him



Msat was banned on push for esp/aimbot yesterday, so i’m pretty sure he was taken care of already(assuming the ban sync’d).

And i guess a little more evidence in a agreement never hurt:

yeah… you can even see in ‘Maroto’ 's video the insane number of kills by ‘msat’

Hey, how could I forget it? I was there so I can say that YES, they were aimbot.
I hope someday aimbots not work in games…someday…

Try 0.76

Yeah, I got msat. Can’t watch Maroto now.

“Maroto” was banned on the 25th of February by one of our admins.