[x] [mistake] TraiN possible hacking

Time: 11:30 PM EST (GMT -4)
Date: 05/06/2013
Server: Pinpoint LCTF
Offender: TraiN
Offence: Possible ESP or Aimbot (maybe some other hacks)
Information: This guy was spamming the killfeed, then I decided to be a spectator. It does look like he is hacking (and I wasn’t lagging at the time)

One thing makes me think that he is legit but very skilled- his movement.

He doesnt move like a “normal” hacker.
I mean that he doesnt run straight the field and shoot from standing, he goes up down up down.
And sometimes he tried to wallpopp and run back to hide etc.
That is movement how I do it and many other “good” players.
Hard to decide in my opinion.

Wasn’t going to post but figured I would anyway, this is me, haha.
While this being me in no way automatically clears me of any accusation, I’ll assure you I’m not hacking here.


I knew it was u :stuck_out_tongue:

Kodi, you could have told me xD

You sure love to get accused of haking don’t you kodiak


Kodi is away he will come back at the next tuesday

I didn’t know you were spectating me…? :stuck_out_tongue:

Kodiak, whenever I’m speccing, I’m looking for hackers/griefers