[x] MgM|Stricker50 (for griefing)

Name: MgM|Stricker50
Reason: He griefed.
Time and server: Pinpoint, the 4.1.2013 at 3pm (UTC +1)
Proof: two videos and griefcheck-> removed 63 blocks in the last two minutes (you cannot see it well on the video)

The structures he was destroying in these videos were just randomly placed blocks with no significant/strategic importance. In my eyes we wasn’t griefing, but cleaning up the base.

Yeah nothing worth banning for.

When you see it in this way, he didnt grief. I saw him starting at “bigger” walls, than he was teamkilled and continued there, but I have only videoclips from this situation. You are right that he didnt grief important structures in the videoclips, so I withdraw this abuse report and I have to say sorry to MgM|Stricker50 :slight_smile:

I just saw him today at babel but he wasn’t griefing