[x] LoucoAbenoado & [x] LUCASGAMER200!

I was playing on aloha.pk 1ctf 24/7 pinpoint and then a player named LUCASGAMER200! was on and it first seemed as if he played like a normal person. Then he switched teams and started almost filling up the kill feed.
Later a player named LoucoAbenoado (I may have spelled his/her name wrong) and after one kill from him, he got kicked for using a hack. He joined again and he soon started killing players and almost filling up the kill feed like LUCASGAMER200! the players on the Blue team started votekicking LoucoAbenoado but didn’t seem like it succeded. Just thought i’d tell you about these 2 players.
I can’t make a video on ace of spades due to my computer being crap and i don’t know how to make a screenshot of ace of spades so all i have is some text… (This hack stuff happened on 6/3/2013, I forgot what time it was though)

Welcome to Aloha.pk!

It’s nice that you report in here but if you do a report proof is needed.
If you do a report with good report with video proof admins can ban the player immediately.
You can record hacking players with a software called bandicam.

Yeahhh… Bandicam doesn’t quite… work :confused:
It causes massive lag, almost to the point where you can barely see anything.
I’m thinking of getting a new computer soon so that way i can get more then 1 FPS while recording.

LoucaAbenado was banned by one of our admins on the third of june and LUCASGAMER200 was banned on the 5th of june by another admin.