[x] [LA]MaRIo.BR00S Please punish this player in what way you seem nesessary

So just now I got kicked from aloha.pk top 10 by a player by the name of [LA]MaRIo.BR00S
The “BROOS” is zeros not “o’s”…
He started a votekick targeting me because I was AFK…for 30 seconds…but during those 30 seconds, alot of people voted yes.
when i returned to the game, I saw the votekick and said" seriously?", then everyone knew I was back and told MaRIo to cancel the votekick, multiple times. He didnt cancel it, and now I am here typing this abuse report.
If you find him guilty, please punish him in the way that you seem fit.
thank you.

EDIT: WOW…now it says that I am banned…are you serious…

Ok, i saw the votekick: [LA]MaRIo.BR00S started a votekick against player (BUN.INSPECTOR). Reason: PUTO
The reason doesnt justified the votekick since it means “fuck” (really hard to translate due to different meanings), but yes he should be warned at least.

Thank You.