[x] 'killer' hacks on aloha.pk r1ctf 24/7 hallway 1/20/13

i don’t have any esp but i think its easy to see that at the very least he had wall hacks


It says “This video has been removed by the user.”

the quality was crappy so i had to re save it and re upload

its up now… change your window to 720p to see the kill log better

Yea I do believe that I h-banned this guy for aimbot on island maps a couple days back. I got a vid but i’ll post it later when I upload it to youtube.

Here’s the vid…


i’d say thats our guy…

you should invest in some better gear :stuck_out_tongue:

also try uploading in 720p i will make it easier to see the chat logs

I should but, I just doen’t gots the money right now, getting my college on after this summer.


so what happened to ‘killer’?

well imma get his ip and submit him for higher punishment, permaban for aimbot/ESP.

I saw him hacking too :o

“Killer” is a pretty popular name and since this post was made, I have personally banned about 4-5 players with that name.