[x] killed [unfair playing: grief]

Player Name(s): killed
Server: Aloha.pk tower of Babel
Date: 5/6/13
Team(s): Green
Offense: Griefed green base

Evidence: video w/ screenshots


Note: Had a little issue with another player near end of recording.


Actually “killed” seemed to be trying to test the myth that if you drop a nade then block over it it’ll cancel out the explosion lol. he was blocking in your team though but i don’t think that’s worthy of a ban. I was more concerned about the blue guy named [J6], he seemed suspiciously good.

I think [J6] was banned?

I got J6, so dont worry about him
… for now

And for killed, i think the admin will decide this, i personally will ban him (a couple of days), but im not who decides that.
Anyway thanks for the report

J6 has been banned.

It appears to me that the player killed is doing absolutely nothing but acting as a hindrance to the team throughout the entire match. Blocking the tent from the tower (in a “restricted” area), in my eyes, is the same as creating a wall in the middle of the tower. A team on babel has enough obstacles as it is, a teammate creating additional obstacles puts them at a disadvantage. It may not have been anything really serious, but that’s what temporary bans are for.

He and the guy at the very end have been taken care of.