[x] [/kill Abuse] 1

Player Name: 1
Server: Infiltration
Offense: Telling players to say /kill for an airstrike
Proof: http://i.imgur.com/EYnI3v0.jpg
Time: Approximately 4:30 GMT on Feb 2.

The /kill command is not an “Admin Only” command. The people who actually type it are sadly only going to be the gullible ones among the teams.

However, if he is continually doing it, he could be considered a nuisance and muted to stop him saying it at all. That’s pretty much the extent of the power over the pubic commands we can have here. A ban is possible if he is muted repeatedly and evades it repeatedly, that can lead to a ban, but that would be purely situational depending on the live mod’s tolerance for such B.S.

Thank you for taking the time to report this man, we love getting community input when it comes to hackers, griefers and nuisances.

I’m not sure if Lion even mentioned it being an abuse of an admin command. It’s just a low tactic similar to “/y for airstrike” or “Alt+F4” for airstrike.
Warn the players that such things are just tricking noobs and can be a kick/mute/ban-able offense.

On a related tangent, /kill is really useful when pillaring supports for the tower in babel.

Yeah, he was just telling players “Say /kill for Airstrike!” for his enjoyment.

what do you mean i useful for pillaring supports in babel?

Sorry, you misunderstood what I was saying, I KNOW /kill isn’t an admin command and was pointing that out regardless if Lion mentioned it or not. The connotation I was alluding to was that if it was an admin only command we’d have a problem with badmin abuse.

Yes he is just trolling but it can become disruptive and cause mischief among the more volatile players and spark something more controversial. I’m happy with muting the guy until he starts going out of his way to do it.

When someone’s building a 45 degree stairwell, you go several blocks in front of it and build straight up to build a column (pillar) of support. Once you’re out of bricks, you’re stuck 50 blocks high in the air. At this point you either a) kump, or b) /kill