[x] Kapper2204 and Solapy

I caught Kapper2204 Hacking On Aloha.PK cs Maps along with Solapy both at 1:55 pm PST (Pacific Standard time) On Friday, June 20th.

Kapper was using an aimbot and esp and solapy was using a multiple bullet\aimbot\esp hack.

Kapper’s Video

Solapy’s Video



Both banned. Thank you for reporting.
I would recomend you calling an admin before starting the recording or starting a votekick. This is only incase you want the hackers gone from our servers as quickly as possible of course.

Okay So just use /admin in game or go to the irc?

Both works, it’s your decision. But I recommend you going into the IRC,using /admin is quite worse for us since the channel where everything is is quite spammy and we might miss it, and in #aloha there usually is a admin/mod/guard on.
If no staff appears then recording a video and posting it in this section is good.

Ok! Thanks Kiwi!