[x] 'johny' aimbot arena top 10

admitted to using aimbot on his friends computer

12:50 AM ish February 14, 2013

prior to this he was dominating killing almost the entire team.

when asked he admitted to using aimbot.

after that i started to record


Wow…just sad. Yeah, I’m sure someone will get him.

He’s permabanned.

but… why do you ask him if you can report him? litlle bit weird. he could have just leaved before you got any proof.

cause it wasn’t his account…

and it was his friends computer…

and i am pretty sure he was just messing around on his friends computer not really aware of what the game actually was…

So much for having a short ban for being honest c:

I hope you’re being sarcastic here?

Yes i’m being sarcastic, i was just thinking i don’t see the point of a player being told that they’ll have a shorter ban when honesty isn’t necessarily a golden rule for a short ban(not that i’m saying honesty is bad).

if he appeals…

and he admits aimboting right away…

then it would be shorter then regular…


Not necessarily. To get unbanned the concerning admin should be convinced that the player won’t cheat again.

Since he hasn’t appealed there’s no way of knowing what he is feeling.