[x] |iS|.kv6

Name: |iS|.kv6
Offence: esp/no recoil/aimbot
Server: aloha.pk r1 ctf hallway
Time & date: 2014/02/27 21:35 (gmt +1)

He clearly has recoil at 0:40

Theres no aimbot, the “snaps” were lag, he does have recoil on the rifle, on the smg tho its hard to judge because he was one crouching two I didn’t have any ping references and for the simple fact I can’t find reference points to use ill rewatch it from a laptop for a better video. As for your tracers I would like a second admin on this but they look like lazers e.g forbidden.

Edit: I’ve looked at the smg part closer he does have recoil

To me, it’s no different from the usual tracers. Despite it being broad and dark, the one who shot would’ve moved away to a new position. It shouldn’t affect the game too much. But that’s just my opinion.

The tracers dont do much. They are mainly for seeing no recoil in 3rd person and no spread in 1st person.

Tracers have nothing to do with recoil, someone could be crouching with smg and controlling the recoil that you wouldn’t notice the diference from someone with no recoil because of the spread factor. Only way to detect no recoil is using first person spectator and see if the reticle moves, gun model going up is done by your client so looking at that from third person isn’t going to help you either.

Tracers are also “drawn client side” which means that even if the player is using no spread, you will still see the tracers go random. You can still detect no spread however but only if the person is using a shotgun and if he is killing a good amount of players from afar.

tl:dr tracers are useless for catching cheaters.

I spoke with Danko about them yesterday and he said their “probably too long”. In my book it falls under lazers and the giant guns as it gives you an advantage that someone else doesn’t. As for catching hackers their useless even then Ns on a shotty is one of the easiest cheats to catch.

Actually i was talking about me seeing them, it alows me to blame my derps on the spread, I messed that up…

but I don’t think its against the rules to have those tracers, they look harmless.

They are :3

Everything in the video looks legit to me.