[x] impossible to ban

saw this guy multiple times in aloha.pk babel and he insultd the admins and even tho the admins ban his ip but he uses the ip changer to change his ip and cones back in the game he also sometimes evades hack in the server, and mess up with the admins who those are trying to ban him, could admins use range ban to actually permban this guy forever.
PS: Ferrari was there with me

Edit: Nathan(admin) was there too but even tho he banned evader constantly but that evader came back afterwards

hummmm, If Nathan wanted he could ask one of the other admins personally (which I’m pretty sure he did), not sure why you’re doing this…

This is also just what he wants, to be famous. By making this useless report, you are giving him reason to continue.

Thanks SnIpEr. He has name banned on him as well.

Ah thanks SnipEr and Nathan