[x] ILove1d

This player started griefing his own team. When asked he said it was cause he was mad. He ran around and destroyed all the player built things and map spawned things.

This was on… what server?



And, how can you destroy your own team’s blocks, unless you have a password? Unless someone is abusing their powers (highly unlikly) or someone has found out a staff’s password (practically impossible), they would have to be block glitching… right? o.O

Hey man Im just reporting what happens. Next time I will bust out my professional video equipment and record a full length documentary in full 1080p. Then mass produce blueray disks and physically mail you a copy.

I lol’d

The whole you-cant-grief-the-tower works by specifying an area where removing blocks is not allowed. In some maps, this area might not be defined well enough (if that’s the case, please make a report somewhere about it so we can fix it), or maybe your tower too much off to the sides to be in the protection zone.