[x] ignacioelpro

#28 ignacioelpro
1:15pm us central


The guy was underground, wasn’t shooting, and ignacioelpro wasn’t near that area before he died, I was specing him long before this happened.

I actually banned the player that ignacioelpro was trying to kill (his name was Torkonszurommag), ingame. Torkonszurommag was using no recoil to wreck any tower that was trying to be constructed in the blue spawn.

ignacioelpro could have seen those smg shots coming from Torkonszurommag and decide to to put a stop to it.

That being said, the video IS very suspicious. Unfortunetly, based upon what I know, I’m going to have to give him the benefit of the doubt based on this video.

Hopefully you, myself, or someone else will be able to spectate him next time he’s on. Thanks for reporting israelleelll!

I just don’t prefer uploading long videos because my internet sucks and its storming pretty hard outside atm.
evidence #2: https://youtu.be/XuDcSBJh-hM


Here is a video i edited of him (original was 284 MB, 9 mins long). In it, it is has some extremely suspicious ESP like moves.

TBH, from my opinion video #1 has plenty of evidence for an esp ban considering the guy was hidden the entire time.

Thanks for the additional evidence israelleelll and GuardiaN. He’s banned now. Thanks for reporting!