[x] i am wo0o0o0orm or Deuce14

ign i am wo0o0o0o0orm or Deuce 14
server Babel
12/9 11:45 CST
blocking towers and players


I tb’ed Deuce14 and he left after a while. I don’t think I was there while worm was on the server.

It was the same guy, and I was getting a display error (or he was masking his name?) I don’t really know how that works.

I was there in that game although I don’t remember it clearly, I am the player who goes by “ygritte” (you can see me being votekicked there by Deuce14) but I also use “i am wOoOoOoOrm” occasionally. Pretty sure your client glitched and showed Deuce14 as “i am wOoOoOoOrm” cause that was definitely not me :o

I believe you vk’ed me as ygritte when you were trying to kick Deuce14, and when your kick ended (or was cancelled, can’t remember) Deuce14 vk’ed me to troll