[x] How do you report a map problem or a map that may have been hacked/glitched?

Map Aloha.pk.fourteams quadpoint has a problem with the intel now spawned within a “box” in one corner of the map.
The intel can not be retrieved as it is in the water. Can this map be reset? If so who do I send the request to?

here is an alright place to report that. i advanced the map so i fixed it. you should be able to play it again.

Hmm…I think as a result of the gamemode being essentially 1CTF, you need to place the other intel somewhere, so it arbitrarily chooses to put it in the corner.
There is only 1 intel in the gamemode, and if you see an intel all the way by the corner of the map, that’s the “fake” intel. Someone is carrying the real intel.