His name was “can ban win” or “can ban this”, but we kicked him for using aimbot. He joined the game after a few (5?) minutes and started to rage. He may have a new name now.
4pro$:captspark can confirm it.

Date: June 8th, 2014
Time: about 4:00 PM HST
Server: arena counter-strike maps
Offender: HI AM BACK
Offences: aimbot, unban

I saw him on counterstrike when I was filming Alex. His name was can’ ban this. The can’ had the apostrophe I thought but no t.

Not to worry about names we have our evil ways :^)

Oh no, not the dark magic of IP address :-\

Not enough evidence and he hasn’t been banned by another admin yet. Might be likely that he just stopped playing.