[x] HeavyTeamF2: Hacking

I was playing on aloha.pk 1ctf 24/7 pinpoint and there was a player on the server named “HeavyTeamF2”
he/she looked like he/she was Snapping.

Here’s Video Footage (There’s a lot of lag):

His/Her accuracy is shown in the video but i’ll put the accuracy in this topic anyways.
Accuracy: 42%

He/She also said “If i get banned, i can just change my name”, later he/she also said “I can just change my IP” (The messages might not be accurate to the actual messages he/she said.)

Just saw your post Timi, Sorry, The video evidence was taking a LOONG time to upload and i didn’t reload the Report page so it took a while to finally post this topic.
I don’t think he joined again since i recorded the footage shortly after you left the server (Might have been awhile before you left since i had the ace of spades window minimized.)


He is currently banned, thanks for the report though.