[x] Hawks|xxFrapSxx/You/Akhmahkmood




what? THATS RIGGED. admins can see boxes around people and he was admin and he was spectating me in first person making it look like i had hacks activated! rigged he could do this with anybody.

I’m sorry, but I did not find the proof on Hawks|xxFrapSxx sufficient, however I found him ingame afew minutes ago and I saw enough to perma ban him. Thank you for bringing him to our attention. FINE, I wasn’t focused

Player “You” banned.

Player “Akhmahkmood” banned.

Thank you for reporting.

first of all, I’m not even an admin. And spectating you via a first person tool doesn’t make your gun magically lose recoil, y’know

wait how did u see those boxes then

to check on people like you

Admins and some helpful community members have access to a special program which allows us to use our client to spectate possible cheaters and see what they’re doing. It’s very very helpful and in no way is it “rigged” as in - you’re not being framed and you’re the only one who thinks that because we know the facts.

I’d seriously reconsider your position on your appeal though.