[x] Hallway Hacker- K?b?K?b?

Date: 03/25/14
Time: 10:45 pm GMT-4
Map: aloha.pk rctf 24/7 hallway
Name: K?b?K?b?
Abuse: ESP, Aimbot

I’ve got to say, there is not a lot of evidence here… I know it might take awhile to upload a long video to Youtube, but I only saw 2-3 accounts aimbot or esp.

In the future, while you are recording, press f11. This will bring up a box revealing your ping. This eliminates the possibility of lag being the cause for suspicion.

Also, I usually spam /ping [Player’s name] to give an idea of the suspicious player’s game connection. The admins might have to help me on this one, because I really don’t know if it helps. I have simply seen it done before.

Just something to consider.

Thanks Ferrari for the advice! And yes I have upload it on Youtube because for some reason it won’t upload on here. Also yes sorry about the lag when I record it gets a bit laggy as you can see in the video.

While the video was short and laggy, I still saw a clear aimbot snap, if the player were to appeal he wouldn’t be able to refute this kind of proof.

Player has been banned. Thank you for reporting.

also, is that a white AR-15? it looks kinda cool

Hey Sniper, do you want players to hit /ping [player ID] every once in awhile while recording? Does it help?

It depends in what you’re trying to prove, but its better to hit /ping than not.

No problem. And I’m not sure someone in our clan (CLG) made them and put them on skype. I really like it though.

Guys how do i record/screenshot I really suspect someone named k8 or some thing like that hacks he gets 1 smg shot in the limb i was analyzing him for like an hour and he gets kills rapid like 123445667889

also he plays on babel ;D hope that might help