[x] [Hacking] Sage

I was banning people for no recoil on the arena maps, and this guy was suspicious. I recorded him, and hbanned him. His IP is in the descripition of the video, and will be removed once banned or counter proof is shown. :slight_smile:


Hey Chappy,

I was at the same time on this top10 server and we met us to play there together. I don’t think that he had this “no-recoil-hack” although I have to say that it seems so in this video-proof. After he was kicked, we talked about that and he didn’t know why he was kicked. In my opinion, he is a very polite guy and I don’t think that this was a hack. Maybe he can use the smg very good. He shot only 1-3 shots, so the recoil isn’t so high and when you can control the smg nice, it looks like a “no-recoil-hack”.

Looking at the logs, I believe this matter was settled, and also the youtube video no longer plays. The thread can be locked.