[x] Hackers

Ill start off with a greifer/troll/team switch greifer the part where he throws the grenades is cut off :L bandicam… he targeted cassy’s little fort I did ask him not to greif. he eventually got mad and did a teamswitch because he kept being tked for destroying blocks Its up to you if it warrants a temp ban.

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http://youtu.be/nIq1qmdT_Gk http://youtu.be/4_g-IPkuUpo

The fun rapid hack detector decided to work finally lol

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http://youtu.be/JpIHnUkrMf4 http://youtu.be/ECWqa870tNo


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thats everyone i caught that didn’t end up under kynjer, KomradeToast, or colors pillow

Yay! ;D Spoilers :slight_smile:
You see what I mean by it looks neater?
now I can finally scroll down in peace :slight_smile: cheers

Winter banned for 5 days. IRideyBarney is now banned, LEXTER is a ban evader and DemonerWay is now banned. Thanks.