[x] Hackers

Just as a p.s some have already been banned

Place holder topic while vids are uploading

I got like half an hour worth of videos to an hour have fun :slight_smile: bring some popcorn cause imm out

Edit: some odd reason the vids got stuck t 0% imm re-uploading in ie atm

if you need any names from the video post the last 5 numbers of the title so i can find them [i decided not to do any filing on them so thats why it helps]
Edit all reuploaded enjoy


Rip scipio

Like seriously…

first video is private, I can’t see it,
not enough proof, everything else has been dealt with.
Than- nevermind.

Mails sniper a house load of popcorn.

Fixed, but i believe he was banned already
frikill was banned too i believe and so was profitsky
Question in his video you didn’t see that long range kill?