[x] Hackers and a ban evader Bruno plus glitchers

theres 1 more {ELITE} Peralta
heres the video where i got suspicious

and the video i see hacks

ill find his video and upload it tomorrow [i don’t have the time atm]

Quick question isn;t SuperShotBr an evader?

Mr.Greifer constant greifer even after a dozen toggle builds and vks imm requesting a defualt week or what ever ban you give on constant greifers [in my option its a toggle build evade because its constant and when he hops on greifing is sure to follow]

and another hacker

got another one
Will have to wait till i get my new desktop so i can do data

got one more on PP


All glitchers banned for 3 days. All hackers except hyperkill permabanned. Mito Por Acaso has already been banned. Thanks for the report.

Color by anychance did you ban capoprolomas i misspelled his name in the video title caponolomas

Capoprolomas hangs out at CS maps a few times a day.