[x] Hacker(s)

Map: aloha.pk 1ctf 24/7 pinpoint
Date: 4-3-14
Time: 7:55 PM CTZ
Name: esterminador
Abuse: Hacking with aimbot, esp, possibly more


I always like to collaborate an abundance of hackers into one topic, but the admins on the IRC have been kind enough to hop onto the servers right away, and perform the ban. Therefore, I have not gotten a lot of new video evidence regarding hackers. I wanted to wait to join this one with some others that I’ll get, but we should get him off the servers ASAP. I plan on adding some other reports onto this topic, so I don’t have to create too many others.


Map: aloha.pk tower of babel
Date: 4-4-14
Time: 11:13 PM CTZ
Name: reynard
Abuse: Hacking with aimbot, esp, possibly more



esterminador has been banned. The video for reynard looks legit to me.

renyard looks clean for nr but esp, ehh that first kill is enough to trigger a few alarms but not enough for a ban.

As I review the evidence, I see what you mean. I will keep my eyes open for more evidence from him.

Also, that was actually a staff member of Aloha under an alias.

Well then, on second thought, I will not keep my eyes open for reynard… Lol