[x] Hacker and possible ban evader (CS Maps)

I was just checking out the aloha.pk server statuses to see if i could play with my friend. But first i came across the fake BlackDiamond in pinpoint, and they were banned yesterday. I came across CS Maps, and I saw an unrealistic ratio. I refreshed it, and still the ratio was the same. I got a screenshot of the hacker, and I didn’t realize it at the time, but according to some admins/mods, there was a ban evader too in the screenshot.

DATE: 1-26-13 OR 26-1-13
TIME: Around 8-8:30 AM EST
OFFENDERS: Melkuu, A Flying Chair, BlackDiamond (THE FAKE ONE)
Melkuu: Hacking, possible ban evader (I have played against him in the past, and he hacked)
A Flying Chair: Possible ban evader
BlackDiamond: Immatator, ban evader
BlackDiamond (fake one) - Pinpoint
Melkuu and A Flying Chair - CS Maps



The name outlined in red is Melkuu. He had the same accuracy after getting more kills later. Below Melkuu is A Flying Chair.

BlackDiamond (The fake one) was spotted on pinpoint by me, and was reported to the admins in irc chat.

I have been trying to bust this guy for a LONG time. He has been hacking since i first saw him…

If you see him again, just simply let the IRC know. :wink:

I gotcha chappy. And I got Bandicam, ESP and OVL now to help.

Lol look at Vegeance

I banned him on the 26th of January for cheating. Thanks for reporting though.