[x] FSB Computers

#22 FSB Computers
7:15 pm us central

evidence: https://youtu.be/KAZ3BEtBJ3s

Sorry, not enough evidence for either NR or ESP. There are too many instances where he actually had recoil, so it’s probable that lag could be the cause for the times seen as no recoil. As for ESP, I’m sure you are referring to the enemy at 0:48. That enemy was shooting at him for quite a while, so I can see how FSB knew where he was.

Thanks for reporting!

I would like to add that other players were suspicious of this guy for ESP, too. I did not record unfortunately, but I will if I see him again.

Seen him on babel once. Very suspicious.

I’ll get him next time. Not hitting f11 was my fault on this one. It was very obvious on my end. I didn’t want to upload a 10 minute video because that takes me nearly an hour and this guy didn’t deserve an hour of my time.

This was all I could get before he called me out for spectating him and then stopped playing offensive altogether and began building.


Of all of the people I’ve had the honor of recording this guy was the most satisfying to see get banned. He played it smart but after great effort on everybody’s part it is now over. It’s 3:39am and I can finally sleep knowing that justice, even in this small form, was served.