[x] FenixR

IGN: FenixR
Server: Aloha CS Maps Arena
Time: ~12:20AM GMT
Abuse: ESP

Sorry it’s a lot of boring crap, he don’t do much except camp so I understand if this still isn’t enough. I tried to get him yesterday but all he wanted to do was talk about MLP as soon as I started recording.

Why would a hacker give you a video of him/her hacking?
Doesn’t make any sense.


This is pubovl, silly. :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s a first person spectator tool which can be used to easily catch cheaters. It comes with a spectator-only ESP for analysis on a person’s actions.

This is how me and Ferrari knew that Pansy wasn’t hacking…

Edit: He was banned ingame, thanks for the report.

Aren’t you the person who doesn’t let things go :stuck_out_tongue: