[x] Fake votekick, abusing on server

Server - Moskva babel
Player name- Roberto /( he has a history in abusing, fake votekicking with stupid reasons)

Thanks , nice info👌

It is true that roberto has a list of votekicks with no reason whatsoever and therefore will receive a warning, on the other hand you should know that this is the Internet therefore there will always be players who speak gross, racist or offensive things, this at a certain point is bad and if the player crosses the line we will take measures to avoid or correct these players, you can use the /admin and inform if any player is breaking any rule or votekick abuse, racism, possible hackers, offenses, and although you think that nobody will pay attention to your call in reality we see it and we are watching cautiously without attracting much attention, it is not necessary to make an abuse report if only one player said one or another thing mentioned above(vtk,offense,racism) just use /admin so that we have that player in sight , keep this in mind for your possible future report and do not report to someone just for saying or doing something once or twice, the /admin can help you in these situations.

I got no reply from /admin, that’s why I did this. Plus, I’ve been told to do so and report.