[x] evidence for ferrari

2 hackers on babel i was recording for ferrari so if they appeal yes
[$AP].SM4RT|ROT: http://youtu.be/q9VmI_-uuAE

Dr: https://youtu.be/_g20vzEwZsQ
ps i know the Dr evidence is very short but ferrari banned him quickly :frowning: (probably fast ferrari must be enzo ferrari)

Thanks again Kiwi!

Title led me to think that ferrari hacked or something. lol

(sorry for my two cents thrown in) :l

pls that rule doesn’t apply to this subsection

urr & anonymous banned for unnecessary commenting

Kiwi banned for impersonating admining staff.


are you still mad at me :frowning:
and wtf i didnt impersonate anyone i was just joking pls